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Indie Books (and a few others!) I've Chosen to Review...Did YOURS Make the List?

Hello once again! Recently, I raised the alarm on my Twitter page, calling for #indie authors to send me their book links, because I plan to review some more books for my channel on Youtube! I wanted to announce the winners to help give their books some exposure, but since there's a character limit on Twitter, I thought it would be better to do it as a blog post.

I never would have imagined just how difficult it was in choosing only 23 books from the enormous amount I had the privilege of exploring. There must have been over 150! Well done, fellow indie authors. It's been a great experience interacting with you and seeing what you write.

I have three more books to read through before beginning the ones on The Big List, which are:

The Unseen Promise

We Are Immeasurable

Secrets, Lies, & Crawfish Pies

Once these books are read and reviewed, I plan to move onto those below. Is your book on the list? Even if it's not, it doesn't mean your book is undesirable. Like everyone else, I have preferences when it comes to what I enjoy reading. I read many genres, but not all are to my taste. Besides, you want a reviewer that enjoys your genre. Your book could be the best in the entire world, but if it's not in a genre I like, it won't be a good book to me.

The Big List

The 'I' in Life

One of Windsor: the Untold Story of America's First Witch Hanging

Shards of Trust

The Curse of Time-Book 1: Bloodstone

Nancy Bo and Ergonwold's Nest

Gris Gris and Juju

Ducket & Dyer: Dicks for Hire

The Writer's Lexicon: Descriptions, Overused Words, and Taboos

The Spirit Hour-Volume 1

Father of Storms

Anthology of Scrolls: Short Stories, Poetry, and Prose

The Magicians' Card, Volume 1

First Magyk: Guardians of the Path, Book 1

Child of Humanity

When it's Over, A Novel

Antonius: Son of Rome

Emmie of Indianapolis

Follow the Dove

The Bad Seed: Battle for the Heavens

Kissing Stars Over the Rising Sun

The Greenest Branch: A Novel of Germany's First Female Physician

Elise and the Astonishing Aquanauts

Ravensrise: Volume 1

Now that you've seen the list, I hope you'll share it on your social media feed to help these authors get noticed! Congrats if you've made the cut! I can't give you an exact date of when each book will be purchased and reviewed. I do have a day job, and much of my time is spent managing my own writing career, editing my mother's first book, creating a second Youtube channel for crafters, maintaining this website, taking care of my house, working out at the gym, among other things. Each book will be reviewed in the list order you see. All authors will be notified when their review is ready, and provided with a link. If you're an indie author who is interested in having your book reviewed by me, please see my review guidelines page.

For a peek at some of my past book reviews, please visit my Youtube channel. Don't forget to subscribe to that, and to my site!

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