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Indie Book Review of The Unseen Promise

I wanted to like this book. I really did, as it hooked me in from the very beginning. But once the main character stopped being so, well, "main," I began to lose interest. I managed to get just over halfway through before I just gave up on finishing it. It's a pity, because the book has a lot going for it.


-Writing style was beautiful, poetic even. -The design and interior are artistic and pleasurable to look at, the text being large and easy to read. The images at the beginning of the chapters are a nice touch. Oddly enough, this book has no page numbers. -I loved the different races, their abilities, and their descriptions. Franklin is good at originality here. -A lot of the problems the characters face are ones that we face in our world, so they were easy to relate to.


-The text is in serious need of re-editing. There were a lot of grammatical errors. I don't mind a few here and there, but sometimes entire sentences just didn't make sense. -This book has too many characters, and too many story lines woven together. After a time, I had to keep turning pages back to understand what was going on. This was the main reason I decided to not continue reading this book. There was just way too much going on, too much jumping around, and too many names to keep track of. -The profanity, while not a personal objection, felt very out of place in this fantasy world. Reading it was like watching a medieval knight suddenly pull out a smartphone and start using it. -One of the secondary characters, who I ironically found far more interesting than Roedanth the main character, dies a needless death for no reason at all. This was when the book really took a nosedive for me. How can a story get better when your favorite character is killed off for no reason at all?

A final note:

I think Ellen Mae Franklin has great potential as an author, but I think this story was too much for her to start with. Writing something not so epic would be a better option. A tighter plot, less characters, less jumping around, and more editing and beta reading could turn this "The Unseen Promise" into a masterpiece.

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