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A Letter to Those who Think it's Their God-given Right to Abuse, Belittle, or Mock Writers

Dear Trolls,

I felt that it was time for writers to take a stand and defend themselves against that part of humanity that enjoys tearing us down like ugly wallpaper. In other words, against you.

There are few hobbies in existence that demand more of a person's soul than writing. Writing leaves the human soul in a completely different state than when it was found. It takes the soul, runs it through a meat grinder, and tries to use a dried-up glue stick to reassemble it. We are changed forever by our writing. Sometimes we are even changed for the better, but not always. Here's one thing I can tell you that's true of every writer who has bled their way up this thorny path for years and years: There's a lot that we don't regret.

We don't regret the sleepless nights spent staying up until sunrise, eyes red as the coming dawn.

We don't regret the missed meals, unless those meals were to include wine. Most of that food was countless packages of two-minute noodles anyway.

We don't regret the parties we missed, because we were just a few chapters away from finishing our latest book and just HAD to get it done.

We don't regret our limited social life, because our imaginary friends are more real to us than the people who actually exist, and we can always create more imaginary friends if we get lonely.

We don't regret yelling at or perhaps throwing the keyboard in frustration, because we know a finished book in our hands is worth the hell.

We don't regret the amazing friendships we've cultivated with other writers like ourselves, who know exactly what kind of ship it is that we're sailing in. (Hint: it's probably full of cannon ball holes.)

Most of all, we don't regret the legacy we'll leave behind when we leave this earth.

Here's another particle truth for you. All these things we don't regret, when combined with the time and the hard work we put in, eventually lead to success and things like this:

Well, at least that's what we're aiming for. So don't belittle us for trying to live our dreams. At least we're trying.


A Writer Who's Still Trying to Get There

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