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For Her Courage




     The first book to be written in the Holly Hollow series, For Her Courage is a coming-of-age story with many real-life themes in a make-believe setting. It is not only about learning to follow your passion without forgetting to help those in need along the way, but it also deals with loss and grief. We also learn that sometimes, all it takes is a single unselfish act to change someone's life forever.


     Plot Summary:  

     All 14-year old Samantha O'Callahan wants to do is become a master toy maker like her grandfather. In 1909, a time when girls aren't allowed to chase their dreams, she must learn the craft of a toy maker in secret. But then a day comes in which Samantha's skills are put to the test in a matter of life and death. Will she find the courage to do what needs to be done? Will her wish be fulfilled? Find out in this exciting story about self-sacrifice and triumph over tragedy. 

     Learn more about the characters of For Her Courage here:  

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     For the She Speaks Faith Podcast interview:

This was my very first book signing, held in October of 2016.

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