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Meet The Characters

The Characters of For Her Courage

Samantha O'Callahan is a rather unusual 14-year old girl growing up just after the turn of the century. Highly creative and talented, she wonders if her gifts will go to waste if she follows the rules of society and ignores her dreams of following in her grandfather's footsteps as a master toymaker. She will have to rely on her inner strength to face the challenges ahead of her as tragedy strikes hard at the center of her family.

Belinda Jane O'Callahan is rather a mystery to the townsfolk of Holly Hollow in that her origins are completely unknown. Distrusted by them at first, she soon won them over by her rare ability to solve the disputes of those around her. She has a very close relationship with her granddaughter Samantha.


Callidus O'Callahan is a famous toy maker who trains Samantha in secret, as his sons have no interest or skill in the craft. He and his wife Belinda Jane have had a long and happy marriage together, but nothing can prepare him for the sour turn their life is about to take. 

The Characters of The Ruffian Redeemer

Alfred Owens is a the troubled teen leader of a small group of boys that does little else than cause trouble for the town of Holly Hollow during the early years of The Great Depression. He was once a good person, but that young man has become overshadowed by his will to survive in a world that caused his younger brother's death due to poverty. 

Frank and Fanny Owens are alfred's parents, and they have almost completely given up on their son. They wish he would just be the good kid they used to know, but now that he's an adult, there is little they can do to mold him.

Lawrence Layton is Alfred' best friend, and one of the few people of his acquaintance that can Keep Alfred from going too far in his illegal exploits. It's due to Lawrence's guidance that has probably kept the group out of prison for many years, but it's only a matter of time before things get out of control.


Barnes Billings is the bully of the gang of six boys, and he's also the dumbest. He constantly picks on Stephen Hastings, their youngest member, and only takes orders from his brother Wally if he's not taking them from Alfred.


Wally Billings is one of the few who can control the behavior of his erratic and foolish brother Barnes, but Barnes has a strong will of his own, which, when manifested, will change the course of their lives permanently.


Craig Ferguson is in the group mainly because he has little else to do in a small town that has few jobs available. He dreams of working for the local newspaper, The Holly Hollow Herald. 


Stephen Hastings is 12 years old, and is the punching bag of Barnes when Alfred is not there to protect him. He has a bit of a timid personality, but a person can only be pushed so far before they discover they have a backbone and push back...


Sophia Hastings, Stephen's 10-year old sister, is anything but a pushover, but she has a good heart. She and her brother have a good relationship, mainly because she is one of the few people besides Alfred who listens to him.  



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