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Who is Andria Redlin, and Just What is a Polymath Anyway?

     Most people are skilled in one specific area. You've got artists, musicians, writers, engineers, people who are great with numbers, et cetera. The list is endless. They're fantastic at one area of study, and that's about it. Yet, what do you call a person who has as many abilities as an entire family of talented people? Say hello to the polymath, the jack-of-all-trades, or Renaissance man. These people are quite unusual. They are the hybrids of the talent pool, unable to specialize in one skill, yet they have the unique ability to take up many skills with ease, particularly if they've applied the knowledge they've learned from past experiences.

     As a writer, artist and a musician, I've often felt quite alone. I've only known ONE other person with these exact same abilities. As you might imagine, we forged a strong friendship that lasted over a decade, and it was only her death that has prevented that from continuing. I have created this site in the hope that I can unite others like ourselves in our solitude that is just an unfortunate byproduct of being a polymath, a hybrid in a world that loves to put people in little labelled boxes in nicely organized rows. Well, I'm here to tell you that there is no box that can contain me, no single label that can define me, and piles suit me much better than rows. I am Andria Redlin the author, Andria Redlin the artist, and Andria Redlin the musician, and there is only one.  




     I've been writing regularly for the last twenty years, and began my first novel at the age of 19. That novel became two books, and then I completed my third book. That book was to become "For Her Courage," the first in the Holly Hollow Tales series of standalone novellas. I've recently pulled it from the market after making the decision to do a drastic rewrite, but my women's humor book, Life Is Short, so Lick the Bowl, is available in both electronic and paperback formats. Click the cover on the top-right of this screen to check it out! 


     Aside from writing in four different genres (middle school fiction, non-fiction, children's, and humor) my other writing credentials include: being the third runner-up in the August 2016 fan fiction writing contest for the Edge Chronicles, and I also write articles occasionally for The Parma Observer, one of the local newspapers. I also run a help group for up-and-coming authors on Facebook, called New Writers & Authors. This is a great group of people that really excels at answering questions and assisting new writers as they improve their craft, and anyone can join (see link to the right). I also have a Youtube channel called Write Right, where I review indie author books, give writing tips, and more!




     Not too many years before I began writing, I had a different way of filling up blank sheets of paper, with art supplies. Being a polymath, it's no surprise that I work in more than just a few mediums. These are the most common ones that I use:  Pencil (both graphite and colored), oils, watercolors, clay, and ink. I enjoy entering my artwork at the local county fair each summer, and was fortunate enough to have some of my work featured in a college gallery art event in 2017. In addition to being a traditional artist, I am well known by my friends, family, and coworkers as the jack of all trades in the arts and crafts industry. My many skills include, but are not limited to:  sewing, book binding, knitting, crocheting, spinning yarn, pattern designing (published in Crochet World Magazine in October 2012), various papercrafts, and calligraphy. I've recently created a crafting channel on Youtube called The Ever After Crafter, where you'll find instruction in the more obscure branches of the world of creating, such as spinning, using fountain pens, and soapmaking.




     I began playing the piano at the age of 14, and began singing at 16. I trained for two years as an opera singer, and have done several recordings on the singing app Smule. My instrument of choice is my upright grand piano, built in 1900 by the Starr Piano Company. I've played a lot of pianos, but the sound of mine brings me the most joy. I have recently begun to learn to play the guitar, a challenge that will be worth all the blisters on my left hand.

     You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Goodreads.

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